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About Us

As a leading strategic talent partner, Strategic Talent Acquisition is incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built as a recruitment agency. Our global reach allows us to help employers in the Sign Industry, Energy, and Beer & Spirits find the top talent they need instead of Job.

We’re based in Long Island City, New York. Our management style is defined by veterans of the field. Our company is led by Jacqueline Diaz, who has over twenty years of expertise. Her specialization is in leadership and recruitment, which she approaches from a talent acquisition perspective. Esteban Diaz, another key figure in our leadership, complements this with extensive business acumen and customer relations skills gained via the ownership and sale of multiple firms.

Our service portfolio encompasses three core offerings:

  • We connect top people with companies looking for great leaders.
  • We help candidates find permanent jobs that match their professional goals.
  • We also contract experienced CEOs to help companies.

But our commitment doesn’t end here. We are dedicated to giving back, exemplified by our initiative The Steven Spectrum career project.

The Steven Project

This initiative is a testament to our dedication to empowering high-functioning individuals with Autism and Aspergers, bridging the gap in the workforce. Additionally, our services extend to job seekers, offering tailored career guidance and specialized resume services. We’re not just a recruiting firm; we’re your partner on the path to success.